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Ørland, Norway

Yorick is a DJ & music producer, born and raised in Venray, located in the southeastern part of liberal Holland.

Allready at the age of 12, Yorick discovered the beauty of electronic sound, experimenting with synthesizers and digital samplers.

In the late 80’s a couple of recordplayers, and vinyl records with Hip Hop and Breakbeats, and associated mixing and scratching, became of great interest.

In the early 90’s his journey as a DJ began, following the revolution of electronic music, playing at school parties and youth clubs.

At the turn of the millennium, he moved to Norway, and began producing and releasing his own music, and working to expand his playground as a mainstream DJ, mainly focused on EDM at Norwegian clubs and nightclubs.

Dj Yorick is a resident DJ at multiple venues in Central Norway, and he is known for his unique way of reading the audience, and giving every party the energy it needs.